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My name is E. Mizorkowitz I'm from Baltimore MD. I went to the dentist today to Daniel Rosinsky. I had 4 teeth extracted and impressions of my top for new teeth to be made. The dentist was great and I was completely satisfied with the procedure that went on. I never went to a dentist that was so easy and comfortable for me and the way they sedated me was very well and I felt no pain. I am home for the last 8 hrs and I still don't have any pain. It was a great experience for me because I used to be terrified of dentist and this guy was exceptional to me. Thank you and have a happy day.

~ E. Mizorkowitz


Hi my name is Jeanie Dean, I live in Dundock and I had a bridge removed and a new one added. Dr. Rosinsky was very gentle and made me feel at ease. He gave me sedation and the experience was fantastic. I would recommend anyone with fears of a dentist to get the sedation. Thank you very much.

~ Jeanie Dean 


My name is Debra Gross I live in Dundalk, MD and I had dentures made, top dentures and I am really satisfied with my dentures I just can't believe how nice they look. I love them I really do. I would really recommend to anybody and some of my friends to go to the dentist that I went to. He is good, one of the best. I had a wonderful experience and I am really happy. Thank you.

~ Debra Gross


This is Margaret Loomis, my husband Abel and I had crowns put in by Dr. Daniel Rosinsky. It was a very comfortable and satisfying experience. They fit beautifully. We live in Westminster, MD and we travel an hour to get down there, but it's really satisfying and we love the work that Dr. Rosinsky does.

~ Margaret Loomis


Hi, my name is Robin Warell and I live in White Marsh, MD. I had a procedure performed by D. Rosinsky and I am extremely pleased. I called Dr. Rosinsky this morning and he was able to squeeze me in. My tooth had broken and then had fallen out! There was a large gap that was very obvious on the side toward the front of my mouth. He was able to give me a replacement cap and made that wide enough to fit that gap and shave the next tooth that a cavity was forming so that they can all blend in together and leave that option for a more permanent fixture. But I have a photo-op in two days and he was able to prepare me for my photo-op and after I had that done I will be returning for a more permanent procedure. I am so pleased I cried, I am still shaking! He did the procedure in about an hour, no pain, the numbness worked. I am so very pleased I will definitely be returning. He will be my dentist until he gets tired of me! Thank you!

~ Robin Warell


My name is Charlene. I live in Baltimore, MD and I had a crown put in today by Dr. Daniel Rosinsky. He is a fantastic dentist. He's very patient, caring, and takes time with his patients explaining all options. He used a device that now when you are Novocaine injections they no longer hurt. So they are pain-free. And he has payment plans for those that don't have insurance, which I have used on several occasions. There's very limited wait time, each time I see him I did not have to wait. He takes emergencies right away, I didn't have to wait for that either. He is just an exceptional dentist and I will and have recommended him to several family and friends and I just feel that he is a wonderful dentist and I used to be one that was afraid to go to the dentist but no longer.. I make appt. and I go in and I am not afraid of the procedures or cleanings! Today I went in for a preparation on a crown on a broken tooth. Again, he is a fantastic Dr. and I will continue to recommend him to family and friends.

~ Charlene


Hi I am Sandy Ellerman from Chase MD. I went to Dr. Rosinsky to have my lower teeth pulled and dentures put in. I was soo dreading the experience but I just had to do it, it looked so awful. I went to Dr. Rosinsky it was quick it was Pain Free. He was kind and reassuring. I got my dentures put in immediately and I look 10 years younger from having it done. I am so glad I had it done. I never went to a dentist that made everything so easy and I just can’t say enough about Dr. Rosinsky. I highly recommend him. My family is going to him now and we are so happyto have him. My thanks to Dr. Rosinsky it's been a great experience.

~ Sandy Ellerman


Hello I am leaving a testimonial for Dr. Rosinsky. The office visits have been pleasant and extremely good care for myself and my family. I would not consider going anywhere else. The pain level is always controlled with the local anesthetics. They are a very caring staff. Thank you very much.

~ Anonymous


Hello my name is Phyllis Robertson of Essex, MD, I am calling to let you know I have seen Dr. Daniel Rosinsky, because I have dentures and I had broken the upper denture from eating a piece of hard candy. I had to see a dentist that would take Bravo Insurance and he was the closest to my home. I called and got an appointment with him in November of 2012. When I went to the office everyone was so kind and nice. Dr. Rosinsky was very nice and took care of the problem I had. I was made a new top denture which I am very proud of. I had to go back a few times for adjustments and everything has been great. I would recommend Dr. Rosinsky very highly. God Bless him and his staff, he is there to make him and his patients proud of the work that he does. Thank you.

~ Phyllis Robertson


I'm leaving a testimonial for Dr. Daniel Rosinsky's website and my name is Eileen Brundidge. I had a procedure today, two crowns, and I'm very pleased. He's in Baltimore, Maryland and he's very good and explained everything to me and was very gentle and I'm very, very satisfied. Thank you very much!

~ Eileen Brundidge


Hello, my name is Patricia Baldwin and my dentist is Dr. Daniel Rosinsky. I'm doing a testimonial and he's a great dentist, does excellent work, explains things to you; I'm very happy with him. Been going to him two years since my dentist retired so I'm very happy with him and couldn't ask for anything more so I just wanted to leave my statement. Thank You!

~ Patricia Baldwin


Dr. Rosinsky is a fantastic dentist. He is always friendly, caring, and informative. His staff members are also wonderful. My husband and I highly recommend him.

~ Anonymous